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The mission of Pontiac Policy Council (P2C) is to provide education regarding local, state and federal policy through civic engagement, by providing the Pontiac community with the tools and resources needed to advocate for policy change. P2C provides a platform to leverage the resources and collaborative efforts of the community to move Pontiac forward economically, politically and socially. P2C seeks to establish a coalition of committed community agencies, grassroots organizations and institutions to engage, educate and empower the residents of Pontiac. 


Pontiac Policy Council strives to be a conduit for political and policy initiatives for progressive change and social justice that leads to equity and equal opportunity. P2C will achieve this by establishing a cohesive, collaborative network that emphasizes political and policy entrepreneurship to usher in sustainable, systemic change in the City of Pontiac, utilizing a grassroots, bottom-up approach. 


- Integrity: Do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

- Pursuit of Excellence: Continually strive to exceed the expectations of our community.

- Accountability: Take responsibility for individual and collective actions.

- Collaboration: Work with others to achieve collective and individual goals.

- Passion: We are inspired to make a lasting impact that future generations can build upon.


Join us for our monthly membership meeting as we continue the work on building the type of community that reflects our values. Find out how you can help make sure local candidates hear our issues; and, how we can fight for better pay, education and safe neighborhoods throughout Pontiac.

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