6 Ways to Get Involved

Political Process

1. Register to vote.

2. Be an educated voter.

3. Educate and empower others.

4. Vote in ALL elections!

5. Hold elected officials accountable.

Community Groups

Start a community group with the purpose of creating positive change in policy; or, join an engaged, local organization such as Pontiac Policy Council. 

Shop Small

Small businesses are the heart of economic growth and sustainability. Don't wait for a special occasion; support your local small business every day.

Public Forums

1. Attend City Council, School Board, Town Hall meetings. 

2. Provide feedback and input to the politically engaged and active.

3. Let Your Voice Be Heard!


Identify an area of need in your community; then, allocate your time and resources to help fill it. Remember no deed is too small; every little bit helps!

Stay Ready!

1. Stay up on current events.

2. Attend training and workshops.

3. Support community events.

4. Collaborate with others.

5. Stay ready, so you don't have to get ready!